"The Master value is trust. There are no relationships that can survive for very long without it."

- Jim Amos

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Values: The Foundation of Our Culture and Economy

on March 17th, 2017 Leave a Comment

The following NCPA column appeared in Townhall: By Cary Maguire, James H. Amos, Jr., and David Grantham Economic indicators point to the possibility of yet another financial meltdown, perhaps worse than the United States experienced in 2008. Household debt has risen to nearly $12 trillion, downward regulatory pressure on businesses recently reached $6 billion, and […]

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Senate should be thrilled to make Andrew Puzder U.S. Labor Secretary

on January 19th, 2017 Leave a Comment

Longtime business leader is perfect choice to weed out regulations that hold back economy I am excited by the nomination of Andrew Puzder to become the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor. Puzder’s long experience as an executive, most recently as CEO of CKE Restaurants, has given him firsthand experience of the many ways federal regulations can […]

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Appraising Obama’s performance on the occasion of his final economic summit

on September 3rd, 2016 Leave a Comment

A reporter for The Daily Signal used the occasion of the G20 Summit to take a look at President Obama’s leadership on the world stage and economic legacy. I wish I could say that it’s been an impressive record, but the opposite is true, with the president’s lack of leadership creating a vacuum that has […]

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It’s time to embrace hope and remember our national heroes

on July 2nd, 2016 Leave a Comment

The following excerpt is from Chapter 13 of my best-selling book Focus or Failure. I hope you find it helpful as you seek to live and lead well. The keys to the successes and failures of America and the world can be found in the Bible. To the Puritans that founded our country, growing up uneducated […]

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A practical way for you to support our troops this Memorial Day weekend

on May 27th, 2016 Leave a Comment

As we thank troops for their sacrifice, let’s stay focused on providing them the material support they deserve   Last year, the Obama administration demanded America’s military forced be downsized to their lowest levels in generations. The National Center for Policy Analysis believes we need to be investing in our military through stronger research and development, much […]

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I’m honored to now lead the National Center for Policy Analysis, the perfect place to help defend capitalism

on February 27th, 2016 Leave a Comment

I am honored to have been chosen as President and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis. Since 1983, the nonpartisan public policy research organization has developed and promoted free-market alternatives to government regulation and control. We believe that by harnessing the creativity and strength of private enterprise, we can find solutions to our nation’s […]

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