"The Master value is trust. There are no relationships that can survive for very long without it."

- Jim Amos

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Fathers’ love, leaders’ caring undergird happiness and success

on June 13th, 2012 Leave a Comment

Guidance, attentiveness, discipline make success possible in life and franchising Life is a constant journey of self-improvement and refinement. That’s true for people and for business. As people learn, knowledge and wisdom breed success. Nobody is born wise. Fortunately, our parents, mentors and teachers can guide us down the path toward successful and happy lives. […]

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How Attitude Shapes Destiny in Business and Life

on May 31st, 2012 Leave a Comment

Having a good attitude is a process of reinforcing good habits in thought and deed In all my years in the military and the business world, I’ve learned that attitude is one of the most important things in life. It drives the actions we take and sets the foundation for success. We all know the […]

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